2019. Whats up? 🇬🇧

Lets talk about what this year will hopefully bring!

Dear Blog Readers. Hello and Happy new year!
Hope everybody had a swell holiday and that 2019 kicked off in an as good as possible way for any and all of you.

Myself? well Today is monday, the first day of my 2nd semester in Winchester. I just got back yesterday after a lovely couple of days in Northamptonshire to kick of my longest and likely most hectic tenure in The UK. I’ll be in the country, until at least April, maybe even May. There are lots of pieces to this puzzle of mine that i currently haven’t figured completely out yet. Once i know, ill make arrangements to fit.

Making Promises i won’t keep

I have been called out on a couple of occasions that i need to make more stuff, but also, not make too many promises about things i dont know with certainty wether i can deliver on or not. 2019 will be a year of exploring exactly what sort of promises i can make.

The first thing i wish to hold myself accountable on is workouts, exercise and getting in shape. The cold hard reality and fact of the matter is that as of right now. I’m the heaviest I have ever been, and it’s all landed on my hips and my belly. Gaining weight was the idea i had for my health, but this way is not what i had in mind. I wanted to look lean and happy with myself, instead i’ve hardly done any exercise and I am annoyed at myself, every time i’m stupid enough to go look in the mirror without a shirt on, or step on a scale.

However, it feels like something has clicked in my mind recently, where as opposed to making excuses and being lazy, i’ve instead been very proactive and been doing things people might have to almost had to drag me to do earlier in my life. And think thats what ill use as a driving force for my training

I suppose thats my first promise i want to see if i can keep. one to myself that i will maintain this exercising thing and not over exert myself, eat clean, and actually get some results i can be proud of. Just for me and this path of happiness i’ve been on as of late.

Content Creation

Second promise i want to see if i can maintain before actually pulling the trigger and promising consistency, that goes hand in hand with my training, is my content creation.

For example this blog. At this point i have amassed so many hours on trying to figure out how it works and how it should look, and building the foundations of what is to become my own plattform, that i’m at a point now where i think i can put the development side of it down and actually create some things for it in the form of content.

But the Website will serve as just one plattform for this stuff. For years i have dabbled with making Youtube videos, and deep down feel like i can do a better job of uploading consistently to it with some sort of sense to every video, who knows what that might end up being. hopefully a positive expirience.

The Major Change on my Twitter

Speaking of positive. My Twitter has been Reset. the @ has remained the same, but there is no hardly any content there, my 2-3000 tweets or so have all vanished, and the 200 inactive followers i used to have are also gone.

This is by my own choice.

I had a very thorough look at some of my older tweets and noticed a very prevailing pattern to my tweets. Anger, possibly ignorance, and to an extent, ill placed arrogance. All traits that really isn’t how i am as a person. Ill advised tweets mere seconds after a spat with a former employer, or lengthy rants on total foolishness.

I have come to learn that my mind, mouth, and manner can make me either one of two things, money, or trouble. in this regard i prefer money, and by the same token, i prefer when i am right and know i’m right.

Dont get me wrong, not all of my twitter was that bad. but with that many tweets, little to no followers, and not the greatest recollection of what i’ve said over the years. i felt as though that was the best choice to start fresh and see if i can grow it into something interesting with the knowledge and acumen i currently possess.

Thats about all i wanted to say for now. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me, ill try to make it worth your while in the coming months!

Kornelius (Kings Eyes)_

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