MC1002: New Project 🇬🇧

I am so excited about this project!

Today we received the brief for our new project in the Manipulating media module, I really could not think of a better fit for me personally. 
(case and point, i have a podcast tab on my main menu)

For several years now i’ve been listening to podcasts. An occasional one relating to music here and there, but the majority of time i’ve listened to Veterans and old timers of the American professional wrestling business. Guys like Jim Ross, Bruce Pritchard, Jim Cornette, Chris Jericho and so on. Guys that do vastly different formats, lengths and topics, but their common thread is they tell stories and are historians of their field. With an added bit of humour you’ll struggle to understand unless you are «smart to the business».

Its the stories i keep coming back for, and when its presented in an easily consumable format such as «this person speaks for an hour or so, and i listen while i do stuff» thats a goldmine of attention and good times while doing things that are potentially a bit dreary.

My own interest in the medium.

Its led me to an interest of potentially producing my own podcast at some point, host it on my own platform, make it interesting for advertisers, and to make it sound and look as good as i can with the resources i have available to me to see what the expirience is like.

So when i opened Canvas yesterday, and saw that not only are we making a podcast, but I’ll be the one producing, editing, and speaking on it. I had the biggest smile plastered on my face. Emphasised by the fact that yes indeed, ill be marked on producing the actual content this time and making it the best i can with my expirience of editing softwares and a keen ear.

Past expirience? Nervous?

Im in a new group this time, strictly working with women. which im excited about, they were also glad to have gotten the roles they did, one of them in particular commented about the role i got, «its the one role i didnt want on this project». So why exactly am i so confident i can do a good job as disseminator, producer and editor on this thing?

For one, i have several years behind me of liverstreaming to audiences of various sizes on a plattform called Younow. A small Livestreaming service, that is very spartan, as it really is just you and a comment section. everything in between is you and your presentation.

But secondly, i will credit some of my confidence to my interest in the aforementioned professional wrestling business. In that business, your presentation, your speaking, intonation, and ability to keep an audience interested in you and you alone for an extended period of time. Is the vital, defining attribute for wether you are hired or fired.

I feel like with that in mind and my accent being what it is, i am well equipped to do the speaking, but not only that. i have fiddled with softwares for more or less every medium and grasp the basics or i am adept to some extent, and at one point in my life even helped producing an album/mixtape as a project. making sound/audio something i thoroughly enjoy working with.

Not to mention, Im in a much more confident and happy place mentally than i was about a year ago, where everything was gloomy and depressive. Im hellbent on doing my best so my headspace doesn’t deteriorate to that level ever again.

In Closing, Im very excited to see what topic we pick and what the ladies on the team will want to do with it. As soon as its set in stone, i will be aiming now lower than a 65/70 for my mark.

Kornelius (Kings Eyes)_

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