First day back! 🇬🇧

How this fitness thing hopefully will play out

I have a very very very on and off relationship with fitness. Sometimes I dabble with it, sometimes I am almost obsessed with it. Sadly however, there is a very frustrating long gap between my stints. To a point where the results I had are not there anymore and it annoys me that I let all this work I put in go to waste for absolutely nothing beyond being lazy.

Its been plain as day when I see myself in the mirror recently, 79,1kg (174,4lbs) and not a hint of muscle, a long christmas and a semester worth of too much takeaway and unhealthy foods is evident the second I lift my shirt and it all rests on my hips. I don’t want it there.

This post is really just talking about it, the Fitness blogging itself will be much more figures oriented. And I’ll make the effort after every session to write down and share how its going. What areas I feel I’m getting better and where I can improve, in my mind there is never a failure so long as what you do is safe and done right.

Training is only half the battle though, while I most certainly have no need to be at 5% bodyfat, nor will I attempt that, I have a pretty good idea about some relatively easy steps I can take to eat right, but also gain the right kind of weight.

For the first couple of weeks now, Ill be focusing on conditioning, and building stamina, cardiovascular exercises that help pry of the weight I dont want, and build a good base for the weight I do want to build to. Which is around 85kgs (190lbs ish), of muscle.

Plan as it stands now, is to get down to 75kg (165lbs) get my oxygen intake up a bit, and then eat clean healthy protein and calorie amounts every day and exercise a decent amount, to a point where I can build up to and maintain 85kg (190lbs) while maintaining cardio, and those 10 kg’s being healthy mass.

The Fitness blogging will more or less be a progress report done in numbers and perhaps a paragraph of what i did, how I feel it went and things I notice are improving, wether its mass, endurance, strength. etc. That way I keep it short and simple not just for the reader, but for me! Easier to maintain, easier to be motivated to keep it up.

NB: I am by no means a fitness guru, and can’t claim all too much knowledge in the field, just enough for myself to get by and whats right for me, i am no consultant on training.

The Fitness things will be put in their own category called (FITNESS) to make them easy to filter out. 

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