Right around new years I published both my big film projects from my first semester in Winchester onto my Youtube channel. They are called «The Value of Studying Media» and «the Meeting» Respectively.

I figured I could post both of them here and give some idea as to how the process was and how we came to the conclusions we did when making both projects. This first one i’ll be writing about is about Media Studies, and was done as the big project for the Manipulating Media module.

The Context

The context or rationale for making the film was that there is an abundance of fence sitters when it comes to studies, because it’s a rather large sum of money that is required to go get that degree. Our target audience was this group of people directly. Young men and women that haven’t decided to go get a degree yet.

I feel as though a lot of the work fell to me on this one, as opposed to it being a process between the 4 four individuals on the group. The initial idea came about on the day we were briefed about the project, when i merely suggested a rough idea for how the narrative of the film project would play out.

The Narrative

A very simple narrative plays out of a young person headed to an interview. the person isn’t very confident, not dressed to give impression of confidence and finds themselves in a location that they feel out of place in.

They are greeted by an interviewer that exuberates confidence in whats being said, how the interviewer is dressed, and generally gives off more of a vibe that they know what they are talking about.

The two people have their meeting, where everything the interviewer is saying to the young person becomes white noise, it doesn’t compute. which makes it difficult to focus on for the one being interviewed. Then finally the interviewer asks wether the persons feel qualified or not. At which point the entire thing freeze frames. In the persons mind it’s a flat out no. and they have lost this opportunity they had sought out. And its game over.

From there it cuts to a montage of the young person getting a degree, set to a voice over with facts and figures. And the end of it is the same interviewer/young person scenario, where the person clearly is more confident in attitude, clothing, and knowledge.

My group «threw babies in the air» at this idea, because it was the one coherent idea that any one of us came up with.

The Work

What work is concerned, it started with me in my room, sitting by my desk with my eyes closed, visualising every single frame, angle, line, lighting, noise, and technique. In an effort to really over-achieve on this assignment.

Once I had storyboarded the entire video out and was content with the vision in my mind and on the paper. I sent them for approval to my project manager, who i think glossed over them and approved because he figured i was trustworthy and it looked professional.

Then it came to shooting the thing, which i think in normal circumstances the disseminator should have the full responsibility for. But instead, i took that responsibility aswell, because nobody said against me on it,
and because i figured i could leave this person to the editing with the storyboards describing every little bit and bob that needed to be done for this to go through as i had imagined.

Sadly, putting blind trust in somebody to do something is a habit i need to drop and never pick back up. Because that bit me in the ass again, clear as day when i saw this persons «final version» of the film.

The Result

As you see above, the video on youtube is titled with (my version) This because I have also edited that version. This was necessitated when I saw the final version of this vision I had spent countless hours of visualising, drawing up, carrying equipment for filming for, and acting in. It looked like a shit show to the tenth degree and I saw and heard exactly no effort in the version that was presented to me.

When I saw that version, I was posed with a horrid dilemma. if I said something, it would appear in the critical reflection that I was egotistical in the project, and that I couldn’t handle someone else playing with what in essence had created, that I had introduced an audio error and therefore it sounded and looked like it did, or I could leave it and have this horrible horrible piece of shit version be a blemish on my conscience. In as plain language as possible. I felt I was fucked either way.

Instead, after a couple rounds of debating it in my mind. I settled on keeping my mouth shut, as my role wasn’t graded on editing. Instead I took all the raw footage I had, and in the span of three hours, I made the version you now see above. However my version was not the one submitted for the project. When it is made so abundently clear to me that either this person lacked skill and was afraid to ask, or just didn’t give a shit. I wont willingly give this person a good mark for my work after proposing that the polished turd they presented was as good as it could be.

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