Initial Meeting 🇬🇧

We got a lot done.

Had our first meeting for the manipulating media module this morning, and in the process got most of our tasks set.

We determined that we would talk about a story that not everybody is aware of but is set to impact a sizeable audience and its viewing habits. The story is Youtube banning dangerous challenges and pranks from their platform. One of the examples that has been routinely highlighted is the «bird box challenge» which sees people drive their cars blindfolded. Stupid in a normal cognitive persons mind surrounding this.

There is an abundance of other horrid examples that even have ended up being fatal as relates to this stupidity. all for youtube views? are you kidding?

Further, we already had determined in our initial conversation that i would have the production and speaking part of this endeavour. Which i certainly don’t mind as production generally is a realm i thrive in and enjoy doing. disseminating as mentioned in the previous post is something i’m not too frightened about. Even if it is a debut episode for a self produced program.

In the description for our task, there was also a requirement that we needed a catchy name. As we sat there in Cyber Cafe on campus and were trying to think of this name, i glanced over at the coffee machine that has stolen my money a couple of times and not given me coffee, and looked at the company name, «Doozy»

Thats a fun word i thought to myself. and obviously the story was concerning Social media. As we seemed relatively empty on ideas, i blurted the term «Social Doozy» out, and much to my delight, my team mates agreed that lets go for that one.

So in one meeting, right before heading to our tutorial, we had determined our story, our speaker, and our name. Now let research and creation commence. My task until the research is comprised down to a script, is to make the graphic design for the podcast.

I think the design will predominantly showcase the doozy word in vibrant colours to capture attention, another thought i want going into the design is that id like the design to exuberate informality, and fun, as thats also the prevailing features ill be bringing into the production, and the dissemination.

Social is a great tool but it shouldnt be corporate, because corporate is boring and wont garner attention, which is the key reason businesses use this plattform in the first place.

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