2nd Meeting 🇬🇧

Good work gets done

Second meeting today and it was just as productive as the last one. Possibly even a bit more.

Today much like last week we sat down at cyber, this week however we were a ton of research wiser than we were last week. Laila, who researches, had scoured the internet and found a lot of information that pertains to the topic we had decided.

We all collectively sat there in the midday sun outside at Cyber and went through the research and comprised it down to what became the first draft of the script.

it was a ton of fun, i have watched and heard about a lot of the examples the research provided, and so i had some preconceived ideas about what i felt about them. which made for a ton of fun when we started drafting. i said things, our content creator Becky asked a couple times, what does that mean? and for a british person to ask a norwegian what certain english words mean, i take that as a feather in my cap.

The first draft was finished and sent to me then edit into something that is written as ill present it. With how i pronounce and the various presenters i listen to on my frequent podcasts, i feel i have a pretty good idea about What i’m about to do.

As far as my own work between last post and this one, i finished the graphic mere moments after i finished the last blog post. It is as displayed over. obviously in a more square format to accommodate how podcasts graphics generally are presented.

I had sent it to Maddie, the project manager for review, and it was approved with no further tinkering needed.

So far this project has been pretty much smooth sailing i must say, and its good to work with people you feel are putting a good effort around you.

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