Infographic project

New project in the works with an entirely new group and new role. I have gotten the distinct privilege on this project to be the project manager.

It entails making sure all components (people) move along with their distinct and various tasks that need completion, advising on the logical next step if they are stuck, organising meetings, and making sure the project comes through according to the collective vision of the group.

As the title of this post would imply, this time around we are making an infographic. A virtual poster meant with the end goal to inform people in a creative way about various topics.

The «various» in my groups case has been decided to be Twitter. The social medium that initially democratised and to an extent enables communication with people and corporations that were impossible to get a hold of before Twitters inception. We chose this obviously because we collectively have an interest in twitter and use it with varying frequence, but also because our content creator got a hold of one of the actual VP’s of twitter to help us along the way if need be. For that i wish to thank Bruce Daisley in advance for his willingness to work with us on our project.

So far i feel we are very much on top of things. Communication between all members is very on point, mild mannered, but proffesional. which much like the last group where i was doing production and dissemination, makes my job very easy, we discuss ideas of visual elements, events in Twitters 12-13 year history that could be included, and as project manager i don’t feel like i have a «weak link» by any stretch.

The researcher has presented great facts and figures in just the first week of work that made the decision even easier. The content creator is working from that resource to figure out the visual elements along with researching what makes a good infographic. and the disseminator is sharpening up on Key Adobe programs so her work is as best as she can make it.

For just week worth of work and my first week as project manager i’m very very pleased with what im seeing and expiriencing so far. because even if you are in a classroom full of uni students, i’ve come to learn that you can’t expect everyone to make an effort even if they are paying an as ludicrous amount of money as they do to be there in the first place. luckily i have had no such slackers in my group this semester. which makes me feel good, and in turn makes it easy to be encouraging and productive with others.

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