The Final Stretch

We are close to finished with the project, 3 days before deadline. The group has been a pure dream to work with from top to bottom and made the project manager gig a cake walk.

For research, I had a decent grasp on twitter, having been on twitter myself for 10 years on and off, I have a decent grasp on the platform, remember several of its features, and renditions. which made it easy to present my researcher and my group with new questions to find the answer to when they provided me with their work. Nothing short of elated and happy with the work they presented to me.

The content is in the works currently, but all that needs doing is effectively putting together the final version from the work done by the content creator. It’s just the home stretch left and that’s about it.

I must say i am very very happy with the group and how we have been working together. Its a fine balance between pro-activity and banter where things get done, but we do it while having fun. Which is key in any process where you want a good result.

I’ve just received word from my producer/disseminator that she has spent the last three hours strictly working on it. Which is heart warming to hear, and i can hardly wait to see the final result she comes up with.

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