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How successful will it be?

Finally i got the role i have dreaded the most for this academic year. I think that is the one reason why i’ve been neglecting to post about the project until now. or why i’m even writing this from the library on a sunday

The project in itself is the biggest one we have had this academic year. Except maybe the making of the short film in last semester. Our brief is to promote, host and broadcast a media event with subject matter that can be beneficial to, or enhance student living on campus.

We have settled on a money saving initiative called «Student Saviour.» (follow us on Instagram @studentsaviourwinch) our intent is to raise awareness to students about how much they can save if they opt to look around a bit more before purchasing. Things such as groceries, or even clothes. Giving facts and figures to help reinforce our cause. The facts and figures bit of things is my job.

I have been tasked with being researcher. its the one gig out of the 4 available that i have been a bit concerned about for my own sake. Mainly, because its difficult to determine what end to start with. What topics to research for my file to be solid. Effectively, i’m being marked on how knowledgeable i am on a topic. how analytical, had reflected i am. and backing that up with facts provided by primary and secondary resources.

For this project, i have been researching capitalism, brands, brand loyalty, buyer psychology, consumer behaviours, Students dietary habits, successful media campaigns on social media and IRL, all to try and insulate my file with arguments and facts that can make me seem smart and the project to seem well done.

however i find that phrasing the arguments on paper is a bit difficult. because the research has to be solid, sensible, and ideally academic. If i go off experience and past learning, that will only bring my view, and the project will suffer as a result. Yet that is most of my file currently.

I am working and focusing on it currently. As i have promised i’d deliver a full file by the evening today so we can get the ball rolling on the rest of the project. How good a file it is will be up to the rest of the team and my tutor James. i have no preconceived notion that this will be a good file as i always doubt myself in these scenarios where i’m supposed to write stuff. For that, my file currently isn’t more than two pages, bibliography not included.

I want it bigger, i want it to reflect what i know and what i’ve found, to back up that im not only good on the creative aspects, but prove to myself that i can manage the academic side of the scale aswell.

I will conclude this post here so i can focus on my file. Hopefully my project manager will be pleased with the work I’ve put in.

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