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So if you know me, i will no doubt have mentioned this story once or twice just because either i’m a mark for myself and what transpired that night, or simply because its a damn cool story and its not something that just everyone experiences.

Back in 2014, i had hit one of many low points in succession. The year prior i had left college, and been working as a substitute in logistics and switched between several small time jobs to simply get by and pay bills. When i finally got a full time job, it was less than ideal. Poorly organized by the company, to a point where i didn’t get formal training, at all, i didn’t even have a contract. As well as piss par colleagues that instead of trying to help a new colleague out when he struggled, would simply heckle and be a bitch to deal with. It resulted in me quitting the company before Christmas 2013.

At the beginning of 2014, i was unemployed, grasping at straws and looking everywhere for a job. By the middle of January, i got an oppurtunity at a part time gig with one of the big home electronics chains in Scandinavia, which started off well, however i didn’t have, and still dont have a knack for sales like they perhaps would have liked me to have. And so results wise i fell behind, tried my best in all circumstances and spent hours learning the job and what i was selling, but they started cutting my working hours because my results were a bit lack luster.

Meaning i wasn’t being paid all that much money, i struggled with making ends meet, while it felt like the vast majority of people near me all had some kind of pressure to give me. be it applying for more jobs, writing more CV’s partaking more. spending energy i didn’t have to begin with, because i was exhausting myself already doing the things they were asking me to do more of. I don’t fault none of them for it, and know it was with good intent they asked or adviced, i look back and could have been better about accepting the advice. but at that point i had lost faith and spent unhealthy amounts of the last year being down and wondering what to do with myself.

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