Student Saver Review

I can't say and genuinely mean that this project was too great.

Ill be blunt, I am not one for pointing fingers and saying that this person could have done more, this person could have done this and such. Ill look to myself first and ill have things i can point to that i would have done more of in retrospect. This time however i cant help But do some finger pointing.

My research, while full of material as pertains to sales and psychology of the sort, could have been done better and more broadly. More into dietary habits, and campaigns akin to our own, i do feel i spent my time Well, did a lot of time in the library looking at various academia to support the work i was writing. However i was given hardly no direction beyond tutorials, the group didnt communicate much at all. Least of all the project manager. Where the answers were short, uninspiring, and without direction.

You could feel it in meetings aswell, to this day i havent seen the gantt chart. Telling me if i did as required for my deadline or not. No feedback on what i could do more of, really just «finish what you got and its ok» as if there was a clearcut direction ahead of time and research didnt matter, when clearly there was hardly anything. I even remember 3 days away from the project, having to ask what we were even doing on the day. And we hashed out the entire thing there for the first time.

All in all we completed the projected and it turned out ok, But group communication hindered this from being a lot better than it ended up being is my prevailing opinion on the matter.


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