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  • As any blog should be

    I write about my life

    Could very well be that i write about my day, an emotion i have felt, a mindset i want to spill out on the page, if something pissed me off. Really just transparency in my emotions, I have come to know myself well enough that when i tell things, as opposed to keep secrets, my mind mood and spirit stays positive, and i function the way i should with nothing hampering me from day to day. thats my endgoal with this blog.

    I write about my life
  • Part of the blog is for educational purposes. Like:

    My Time at the University of Winchester

    Some modules in my study require that i blog about the experience, for mark and review. as opposed to a separate website, i have included it in my existing domain.

  • I also write about Motorsports. specifically

    Rally and Rallycross

    Its been my passion since 1997-98 since the launch of Colin McRae Rally on PC. then realizing it was an actual championship and a bunch of madmen actually did race their cars like that. i was hooked. and every so often i feel like writing about it.

  • My all Time favourite game series

    The Legend of Zelda

    Sometimes my head runs wild with ideas and theories as relates to this fantastic game series that has shaped so much of my teenage years. And every so often i ring my brain out and the spillage lands on my blog!

    The Legend of Zelda
  • Im a Mark

    I Write about Pro Wrestling

    I watch a whole lot of Pro Wrestling. and some times i'll write opinions on it. including show reviews that i give a lot of time and effort, and star ratings, because those are obviously all the rage. My focus as relates to this will be All Elite Wrestling, and the National Wrestling Alliance. Not exclusively, but mainly, as they shape their promotions to become valid and genuine alternatives in a rather stifled market.

    General Posts Event Reviews
    I Write about Pro Wrestling