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An Emotional Release

This isn’t a normal episode of Mornings. With the pandemic, and a lot of uncertainty personally, i wanted to vocalize a lot of the thoughts that has been brewing in my mind for while, just to give myself a bit of a release. I look forward to putting out a normal episode again probably by next week.

Thank you for listening!

SaiyanVader And Glitter Join The Conversation!

This week I have two idiots on to help me through the first episode in two weeks! Sorry about that! Both the lateness and the idiots. We for the most part discuss CoVid-19 and the impact its having on the world through the many various segments that make up Mornings With Kings Eyes… (THATS ME!) But also touch on how The Joker was right, How Harvey Weinstein deserved harsher punishment, How pro-wrestlers are stripped of their tools with there being no audience. All that and a bunch more on this weeks episode!

Every sensitive topic there ever was.

In this weeks Episode: I talk about the clarity of mind i all of a sudden have, i talk about who is responsible out of people and guns, i talk about sexual assault and heinous crimes of its sort, and even dabble into the topic of domestic abuse. If there ever was an episode that was explicit and required a trigger warning from me. its this one. In less sensitive topics i talk about Nintendo and the plans for Zelda, the new Formula 1: Drive to survive season. And i plant a seed for the single greatest spectacle of a wrestling match to ever grace the a pro wrestling ring.

A Realization of Social Anxiety

This week on Mornings i discuss Ninja and Jake Paul, why i was groping balls in front of a room of people, i talk a good long while about social anxiety and panic attacks, Nintendo is mentioned in brief, and Melodies of Mystery is mentioned en masse.

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