A Fantastic Story By Tim Storm

If you have the slightest semblance of interest in pro wrestling. You’ll find no better side content for it than Pro Wrestling Interviews with Chris Van Vliet. 

An educated gentleman that comes prepared to every interview, that proactively seeks out and creates great content. And in a sphere where “churnalism” is abundant. He does Journalism, and he does it really really well, and i never miss a single video of his. For a couple reasons, but most of all the authenticity. You get the genuine human being having a comfortable conversation with a great interviewer and telling stories that you wouldn’t otherwise get. More often than not gets the attention of the wrestling sites such as Wrestletalk, pro wrestling sheet, and depending on the interviewee, it might also catch mainstream attention. and bring this passion out in broader scope. So the content is a total win win!

This latest one is with Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm. 55 years young history teacher and a fantastic human being. a genuinely good human being telling stories, talking about dreams, about how he got his start and how it seems he is at the height of his career now. This watch comes highly recommended!

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