Control in any creative endeavour has become absolutely Paramount to me in recent years. After a longer stint of my working career that saw me stifled creatively, particularily in endeavours that everyone else saw, or would see beneficial, except the decision maker, because same didn’t understand that realm.

Being creative, opinionated, and skilled in various tasks on a computer is what i thrive on. Is what i love, and what i wish to pursue for a career in life. But that shouldnt have to require me working for someone. In the year 2019, working for someone is not the only way to earn a living. To which ive determined, i work WITH everyone else, but at the end of the day i work FOR MYSELF. Thats where KingsEyes.Life comes in.

What i hope to establish is my own voice and platform online, By way of this website. Where i determine what to focus on, what content gets made, how the platform looks, how its shared, how it feels. Every decision made in this framework is my own. And on a daily basis i put in more and more hours to make it an as pleasing experience as possible, and hopefully, it can gain an active audience of likeminded people. My dream scenario would be for the platform to become my fulltime employment. Where creating content and being creative becomes my day job.

To where im not beholden to anyone, where im not dependent on anyone else, i determine what my days look like, and how i live my life by my own clock. Thats my end goal with this, and Im betting on myself to succeed with it.


The website as it stands can and will deliver original content in the form of video, podcasts and blogs, The video section will serve to both share my own videos, share content form other creators, but also, exclusives that will only be available through the website. And likely some additions through Patreon. That is in development as well.

The podcasts are delivered by way of the creatively titled “Kings Eyes Lifestyle Podcast Network”, and is a staple in the original content produced for the website. While i have my own show, and develop shows that potentially could be produced, i also have hosts that are developing their own formats and podcasts as we speak, to have ready for launch in the fall of 2019 and beyond.

The blog as it stands, clearly is just my own thoughts and opinions, there is no intent for it to be anything but that at any point. I want it to remain a Place where i express my opinions freely. it also serves the purpose of my blog for educational purposes, as certain parts of my education require me to blog about my experience and show reflection to a large degree. These posts will be published to unique categories on the website. labeled with the code for the module in question.

The portfolio section is very interesting as it will showcase the work i have done for others by means of Photoshop, video editing and whatever other tasks i have completed whilst working with someone. It will hopefully show the most variety, the most reflection and development out of all the stuff that gets published.

There is also currently a newsletter in development, that essentially every month, hopefully i will be able to share the best content to go up on website from all the various mediums provided. There is the option to subscribe to that at the bottom of the website.

The Chat

There is a live chat on this website that Connects directly to the Kornelius “Kings Eyes” Facebook page. While the chat is titled a customer chat. I view it as an easy for me to interact With the People on the website. say you see an interesting piece of content and want to give me a comment on it immediately. then you can! I view that chat as a way to have more interaction, for now. With the Developments i have in mind, this might change.