Everyone has heard about the discovery of his tomb, but no one ever hears about him. And today I found out why, we really don’t know much… But regardless I compiled what we do know to give you the story of the king behind the tomb.

We also hit 1000 listens! So today I unveil a surprise as a sneak peek as a massive thank you for all the support!

The Minotaur

Half bull, half man. What are the origins of the Minotaur, and what could the possible implications of its story be? A beast heavily ingrained into pop culture started with just the one story, the story I tell you today of a beast, a labyrinth and a prince.

Rosa Parks

A woman who stood up for her rights, at a time when she had none. A true inspiration to all, but could her words and experiences be translated into the modern to to help us solve the ongoing issues of racism and oppression?

Stan Lee

The hero that created hero’s. A legend in the media industry who changed the landscape of comics forever. This week I explore the life of the legend that is Stan Lee and the events that lead him to become the best known comic writer and editor of all time.

Chadwick Boseman


A hero on and off the screen, this is who Chadwick Boseman was. His tragic and shocking death has shocked many including me. This week I pay tribute to the King himself, a man who inspired the world and brought so much hope and joy. May he rest in peace, he will be missed.


The apocalypse, something yet to happen but equally something that all agree will happen. Well which of these stories is the best? I can’t say for certain but my favourite comes from the old Norse, and that story is Ragnarok. So why not sit down as I explain how the Norse thought the would meet its end.