SIGIL BRAVO, and i can’t see my 50th follower.

Wow this episode really packs a lot of content into one! Theres new jackets, theres a little review of how my week went, theres a new feature on Kings for you to check out, theres a 50th follower on my twitter account that merits mention, a little talk about Hyrule Warriors, some on Petter Solbergs guest appearence in WRC, and a little on the anniversary show of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite. Check it out!

Food Poisoning And Pro Wrestling Experts

This weeks episode of I Got Lucky With Kings Eyes packs a load of content into about an hours listening. I talk about how i got struck down with Food poisoning, how PewDiePie has gotten me envious, i talk about Hyrule Warriors, The newest Smash Bros fighter, WRC, and go on a spectacular tangent about pro wrestling fans after a brief exhange on twitter with The Big Guy Ryback.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

Delicious Pasta, Super Mario, and Clichés

This week Kings Eyes hammers down the format good and proper for the show. Theres a deepdive into how his week was, some news stories like the California wild fires, The British Prime Minister, Some developments around and about the illustrious We talk Nintendo’s announcements this week, Andrew Yangs Tweets for Vince Mcmahon, and how Oliver Solberg more or less should have his next season in the bag. All that and so much more on this Weeks I Got Lucky With Kings Eyes!

Welcome one and all!

Welcome to this very first episode of “I Got Lucky With Kings Eyes” On this episode, Kings Eyes recaps his previous six months, discreetly talks about how he is no longer on the market. There is also an overview of the website, Podcast Network, a huge shoutout to @Schmerpderp on twitter. and of course the…