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Attack On Titan is Perfect

I have never fallen for a show quite like Attack on Titan, from its characters to its incredibly nuanced plot you can not help but be gripped by the world. So join me as we give our hearts and souls to the cause and discuss Attack on Titan and potentially its most unappreciated character; Eren Jaeger.

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A Pirates Life For Me

Curse of The Black pearl, one of the most iconic films of the early 2000s, responsible for spawning one of the most iconic characters of all time; the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. And with recent events it only felt right to show support to the incredible Johnny Depp, a man responsible for making many childhoods.

Lets Get Chaotic!

Chaotic, I bet none of you have heard of it? Well, fear not because the creatures of Perim are set to return in full force! A lawsuit caused the game to drift in to obscurity, but nothing can keep the creatures of Perim down for long and their long war continues!

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The Reunion Is Why We Need The Arts

The Reunion is here, and it was better than I ever could have expected! The 7 perfumers nailed it and they all gave such amazing and moving performances. Not to mention Millie O’Connell once again drawing my attention and blowing me away with her amazing talent! Favourites aside all 7 women are incredibly talented and deserve recognition and show just why the arts industry should be and is here to stay!

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Why was Yu-Gi-Oh censored so much?!

I love Yu-Gi-Oh, the anime, manga and card game, that much I have made clear. But, that does not mean I am oblivious to the numerous and countless censors the English dub and US release of the anime and card game, and trust me they really frustrate me at times. So why not settles down as I get railed up into my Failure’s Rage and explore the many censors imposed on Yu-Gi-Oh for its English release.

The Origins of Frog Ninja

The amphibian, the myth, the legend! You have heard his name many times, but now comes the time to finally explain him to the rest of the world. FROG NINJA!!!!!!!! The omnipotent, ninja frog aptly named Frog Ninja is finally unleashed for the world to marvel at his glory. But I’m not sure any of you are ready…

The Final Judgement

So here we are at the season 1 Finale of You Have Failed. For this episode. I’m not alone. I am joined by three other individuals up to no good, that are going to determine whether i have failed at my job as a host, and a verdict on whether the shows gets a 2nd season or not. Do i?