Ep19.5- The Doctor, A Real Hero?

The Doctor isn’t a hero in his own mind, this is because he is just a regular guy going around and helping out where he can. But, is that it? Is that the big secret to Doctor Who? Could anyone be the Doctor? Join me in this rather different episode of You Have Failed Some More, where I completely go off the rails and discuss how anyone could be someones hero. Perhaps through the smallest acts of kindness, we could change the world.

Ep19- Failure Who?

There is one very important thing you should know about me, in fact one day your life may depend on it, i’m definitely just a mad man with a podcast. And this week i’m discussing i’m discussing the famous mad man (or woman) with a box. Yes every ones favourite traveller in time and space, the Doctor. I talk in this episode about why I think Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is under appreciated and why the new series didn’t work for me in my normal reserved manner.