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The Reunion Is Why We Need The Arts

The Reunion is here, and it was better than I ever could have expected! The 7 perfumers nailed it and they all gave such amazing and moving performances. Not to mention Millie O’Connell once again drawing my attention and blowing me away with her amazing talent! Favourites aside all 7 women are incredibly talented and deserve recognition and show just why the arts industry should be and is here to stay!

Ep13.5- Millie Is That Boleyn Girl

Sorry, not sorry, ’bout what I said. Battle of the US vs. UK, Boleyn vs. Boleyn. Millie O’Connell being my favourite performer on stage at the moment may have a bias, but she earned that from the immediate impression she made on me when I first saw her performance of Six. She stood out, and became the Boleyn I would judge all others by and that leaves us here I listened to the US and my verdict in final. It was obvious no one would beat Millie in my opinion but I had to give a different interpretation a fair chance.