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Why was Yu-Gi-Oh censored so much?!

I love Yu-Gi-Oh, the anime, manga and card game, that much I have made clear. But, that does not mean I am oblivious to the numerous and countless censors the English dub and US release of the anime and card game, and trust me they really frustrate me at times. So why not settles down as I get railed up into my Failure’s Rage and explore the many censors imposed on Yu-Gi-Oh for its English release.

Ep21- Can You Feel The Failure?

It’s time to swing in to action! This week I discuss the 5th series of Yu-Gi-Oh; Arc-V! Does the pendulum swing far and carve the arc of victory for this series, or is it a duelling dud? Between an inter-dimensional card game war, 4 dimension dragons and 4 boys who share the same face? What could possibly go wrong?