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General Information

I’m a self-taught graphic designer based in Texas.
My main skills are branding, advertising, and UI/UX mockups.

If you have a brand or company, I can work with you to create some stellar designs and assets. The following will be what I offer, and some general guidelines.




Social Media




Mockups & Branding



Premade Packages

The X Package

Guidelines and rules


All payments will be via PayPal. You have fullrights to ask for a refund, as long as you have a good reason for it. Payment can be at any time during the commission, but after the work is finished, you have a 3 week time frame. Failure to pay within this time frame will result in me keeping the finished piece indefinitely.


Please be respectful with communication, be patient.
Despite me being a designer, i need a comfortable amount of time to work with.
You have full rights to ask for a WIP (Work-In-Progress), but do not make a constant basis.


Pricing may be negotiated within reason.

No I will not work for free, I will not be paid in exposure or a gift card.

What i can & Cannot Do

I can handle medium-scale projects, lightly detailed items, and can provide PSD, PDN, SVG and PNG files.
I CANNOT animate via After Effects/VEGAS, nor can I illustrate characters or object.

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