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As a Graphic Design client of Kings Eyes Media, your word and idea is the manual through which I do my work. There are no standards or templates. Everything gets tailored to how you want it, with some suggestions and tips for the design you have in mind.

With 10 years experience of graphic design, I can more or less cater to your every need as relates to this, be it print, online or in-video.

Say you come to me with a great idea for a banner for your Youtube channel. I will begin the process making the file to your description, once the draft is ready, it will be sent to you via the customer relations platform for review.

As we go along I might give small suggestions as to what we might want to do to make the design better or fit your vision in a different way.

The design is not finished until we both agree its the best it can be.



The communication between Kings Eyes Life and its clients happens through the Kings Eyes Customer Relations platform on Discord. Once we have established that you want work done, you will be forwarded a link to join the service.

We do this for ease of use, Discord is a very versatile platform that offers voice chat, written chat, and a simple way to share progress photos in a quick and easy fashion.

The progress shots of the work will come as JPG screenshots, not final usable files. All the final files are given upon received payment, or receipt of forwarded payment.

Once the work is completed, you will be forwarded an invoice via PayPal listing all the items and the total amount for services rendered. In legal speak, this is genuinely just so that you know what you have paid for, and you have a receipt of what you should receive and that theres been a transaction.

You will be well aware of the amounts before the process even starts. There are no hidden fees once we have agreed on price. All of which will be in the shop section of the sight.

It takes time to perfect any piece of graphic design. To give you the design you desire, which is why I provide unlimited revision until you are satisfied with the product.

NB: Unlimited Revision is valid until the final stamp of approval has been obtained, invoice has been sent. And the services are paid for. Anything after this will be regarded as a new product and therefore new service.

The commissions will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder that will be shared with you. This folder will contain all work files, all finished files, and all resources that went into making the design. as well as a sheet of resources such as HEX color codes and Font names, this is for ease of use later should you want more work done by me, or two have the information ready for other commissions in other fields.

If I look over the design after completion, after payment, and discover that there is a flaw to the design we didn’t previously pick up on, I will revise said flaw, upload a revised edition to your Google Drive folder, and notify you directly, what the flaw was and that there is now a correct version in place.

While initial contact can come from any social media or email, communication should happen through Discord.

If you want commission work and want it done well, come to me early, deadlines such as “I NEED THIS DONE YESTERDAY” will not be accepted.

You will not be forwarded the final files or the link to the google drive until payment has been received or I’m forwarded a receipt for the payment. This is a transaction, not a theft.

The payment strictly happens through the invoices by email.

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