This is Don't Be Nuts.

An effort targeted at University students to raise awareness of, and prevent more cases of testicular cancer.

Hi everyone, We are Dont Be Nuts, a campaign to help with Testicular Cancer by giving people the knowledge on how to check yourself at home and the importance of doing so.
Our group includes Evan Lipscombe, Callum Boddy, Kornelius Olsen and Nathaniel Okebule
We will be posting our work such as our Poster promoting our campaign and a podcast talking about the campaign and some stories each of us have had and then.
We were going to be recording a video about our campaign as well however due to unfortunate circumstances involving Covid-19 we are instead just going to be posting our pre-production plans.
We hope you enjoy our campaign as much as we have enjoyed making it.

How To Check

Check out the Don't Be Nuts Podcast!

Get some Don't Be Nuts swag and support the cause!

Meet the Team


Evan Lipscombe

Facebook Admin

Touches himself … times per day, cross dresses on the weekends for beer


Callum Boddy

Video Producer

Touches himself … times per day. Read an article on ladbible and subsequently flicked is sack out in front of a room full of people to have them checked


Nathaniel Okubule

Graphic Designer

Touches himself …times per day, was told he had coronavirus, and is a really big fan of the Ukulele.


Kornelius Olsen

Podcast Producer

Touches himself …. times per day. Posed as a doctor and touched a mans sack willingly in front of a room full of people.