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SIGIL may refer to the old logos from noble or high ranking families an age past, it may refer to mythical stones of divine power.
In our case, its an acronym.

Spark Imagination, Give Innovation Life

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Whats really out there? How much do we actually know about the phenomena we cannot explain? Are we alone? Welcome to Dark Matters. A show solely dedicated to paranormal topics, with deep dives, discussions and fascinating facts all in. Hosted by Sigil Arts’ Resident Enigma, Glitter!

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The Gamers Grind With ChocoTaco

Get on your grind! As ChocoTaco and friends take gives you your fix of gaming, streaming live on Twitch every friday, and available for posterity on your podcast platform of choice the following Monday!

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You have failed! Well so have all of us, so why don’t you join me for this weekly podcast where I discuss my favourite TV shows, Films, games and the rest judging wether they have indeed failed. I will occasionally be joined by guests further fuelling the madness, but it can never get too crazy as we’re failures anyway! The only way is up.

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They say the past is the key to today, yet the stories of the past remain somthing of a mystery. So in an attempt to understand who were are and how we got here, today, I will be taking you on a journey through time to tell the stories of our past And Finally unlock the path through the present.

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Storm Connect is an exclusive podcast on KingsEyes.life that is dedicated to the subjects of Gaming and Animated Series. With your hosts, EdoNinja & Crunch, they will cover (in interest of theirs) industries, game technologies, in-game topics, series reviews in various forms such as RWBY, lore, and much more. The purpose of discussing these subjects are to provide the in-sights of things that are usually overlooked, spread awareness, and learn more.

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I Got Lucky With Kings Eyes, did you? 

The Show, hosted by the founder of Kings Eyes.life and Sigil Arts, can’t seem to stop piling more work on himself in relation to the website and the network, and has now subjected himself to do 2 shows per week launching the same day! Mad man! 

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God Mårnings! Kom inn, sett deg ned og slapp av, få deg en kaffe eller te, du hører nå på Mårnings med Kornelius! Det er meg det!
Mårnings var tidligere engelskspråklig, men av lokale hensyn og en stadig ekspanderende portefølje med innhold på Sigil Arts nettverket, var det på tide også å se hjemover og inkludere mine landsmenn i mine mange strabasser på internett.

Mårnings publiserer på Fredager rundt 12 Norsk tid etter beste evne!

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Shows Published on Saturday

The Pharaoh Of the Opera

Are you mystified by Musicals? Are you enamoured with Egypt?? Does the endearing sounds of Dorset catch your interest??? WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU STALKING ME??  Is what i would say if it wasn’t for the fact that you propably found this to listen my show The Pharaoh Of the Opera. And believe it or not, i talk about/rant about Musicals, Egypt, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

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The hidden cultures, the deep seated lore, the mysteries, and mythologies in your favourite video games. These are the topics, themes and stories we will look to uncover and provide by way of Melodies of Mystery. The brand new Kings Eyes Lifestyle Original, Hosted by Glitter and Kings Eyes. Hear the adventure as it begins.

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Welcome, Welcome oh dear listener to a most fantastic podcast and live show, this is 8-Bit Splendor! A Sigil Arts Network Original! Focusing in on discussion on video games, blasts from the past, live shows where the crew of Glitter, SaiyanVader, EdoNinja, and Kings Eyes play games and have a good time with the viewers on twitch.tv/8BitSplendor. Simple enough premise? SPLENDID!

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Social Doozy started as a project at the University of Winchester in 2019. The grade i received was the best in class, the reception was exclusively positive, and the format was but a small tid bit of what it could have been, and was such a positive experience to create that it kicked off my interest in doing podcasts. It will be back in new stylings in 2020, where its main function will be to cover popular content creators and social media related news on a week to week basis.

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