"2020. New Year, New Goal. I am hellbent on winning DDPY's Positively Unstoppable challenge! No Excuse, no bullshitting myself or anyone else. i'm going for broke on this Sumbitch and giving it every conceivable effort to win life changing money to go with an absolute life change." Kornelius


The Challenge is explained as it says in the video on the left, for the next 6 months, achieve goals, take control of my life, and live an as best existence as i possibly can. In an ordinary scenario, this would have gone into the fitness category of my blog, but this time, for this challenge and this topic that i’m giving my all, i believe its due dilligence that it gets its own page and doesn’t muddle any other content that goes out on the website. as there will be a lot of this from me in the coming months.


1: Get to 90 kg of Muscle

2: Blog progress every day

3: Vlog Every Week

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