Kornelius Gulbrandsen
Proprietor of KingsEyes.Life, Content Creator, Designer

This curriculum comprises all my work expiriences and my education. It tells a story of starting at nothing, getting a foot in the door, and giving it my best effort whatever situation i am dealt ever since.

My attitude is and forever will be my mantra of “not good at something, best at anything.” This is derived from the idea that skills are selective. They are not. Any skill can be taught, learned and mastered with time and effort.

While i’m employed anywhere, I promise the following. Be it clients that seek me out on my website, or corporations looking for a good solid hire. i’ll always give my best effort for the tenure im there, i’ll be resourceful and work with what i got, and i’ll state my opinion wether i agree or disagree on something.

If workrate, resourcefulness and honesty aren’t skills of your interest. Don’t contact me. 

Filtvet Skole
Classical studies
Hurum Ungdomskole
Classical studies
Lier Videregående Skole
Sales, Service, Marketing, Accounting, and Security studies.
Norges Kreative Fagskole
Graphic Design
University of Winchester
2018- Ongoing
BA (HONS) Media, Communication and Social Media
Coop Mega Tofte
Part-time employee

Restocking shelves, lottery sales, working the till 

Nortek AS
Seasonal Help

Miscellaneous jobs, painting containers, fitting nuts and bolts, small component work and fitment.

Vikingtelt AS
Expo Host, Market research and assistance.

Working relationship for big expoes in the fall season, talking and helping potential customers understand what exactly the product was, how it was constructed, and providing tailored price examples. As well as marketing analysis a day of the week as work experience during my tenure at Lier Videregående Skole.

Temp-Team AS
Substitution role

Temp-Team and myself have an excellent repore, and have had since the first day i had with them. I have given my all in every oppurtunity they have given me, of which there have been a lot. 

Hurtigruta Carglass Alnabru
Prep Worker

Through Temp-Team AS. Cleaning and maintanence work on cars that came in for repairs and winshield changes.

JFKnudtzen AS
Logistics Worker

Through Temp-Team AS. Logistic work packing weborders, and restacking shelves.

Bring Frigo AS
Logistics Worker

Through Temp-Team AS. One day assignment of emptying a 40ft shipping container of frozen products. 

Rob Arnesen Engros AS
Logistics Worker

Through Temp-Team AS. Packing orders.

Hurtigruta Carglass Nydalen
Windshield Repairs

Through Temp-Team AS. Fulltime employment changing windshields, repairing minor damage, and cleaning work. Some reception and direct customer work. Departed in December.

Nye Expert Strømmen
Part-time Salesman

Selling electric home appliances, refridgerators, stoves, hobbs, washing machines, dryers, hairdryers, food processors, etc. 

Nye Expert Drammen
Part-time Salesman

Internal transfer to build the new branch for launch. Then maintaining my regular occupational description of selling electric home appliances, refridgerators, stoves, hobbs, washing machines, dryers, hairdryers, food processors, etc. 

GM Service AS
Marketing, sales, customer service, expo host, designer,

International correspondence (translating bosses emails to a good fluent english for him to seem presentable)
Designed all Marketing material, for not only the company, but also various big international brands that the company monopolized for the norwegian market, Sparco Racewear, Pirelli Motorsport, Revolution motorsports wheel, Speedline motorsports wheels, Simpson Race Products, Stilo Helmets, and others. 

Designed custom racewear for customers. Direct customer relations by phone or in store. Reauthorizing FIA approved extinguishers, and logging same. 

All service/repairs of complaint products.

Singlehanded maintanence of the company website/webstore. As well as development of the new webstore they launched after my departure.

Bunnpris Hvaler, Vidar Dahlsveen AS

Seasonal work restocking shelves, working till, and lottery sales.

Berner AS
Logistics worker

Through Temp-Team AS. Logistics work

Sunwind Gylling AS
Marketing Assistant

Through Temp-Team AS. Marketing assistant, video production and editing. 

Adobe Photoshop
The Adobe program i’m the most well versed in. Active work experience from several companies, and privately. As well as rave reviews from Graphic designers, and various content creators online.
Adobe Illustrator
I know my way around the program and learn as i go.
Adobe Indesign
I dont use the program with much frequency but i know enough to make printfiles of various formats and sizes and how to achieve good quality files.
Adobe Premiere Pro
I have been doing video editing on and off since i was 15 years old. And ive done so proffessionally for some businesses. Its the skill i take the most pride and joy in, And Premiere Pro helps me achieve my vision on any project.
Microsoft Office Package
I can achieve most things in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as some very fundamental skill in Project.
Audio Engineering
I have helped and engineer on some audio projects, and im intending to get better at it with my new Podcast venture Kings Eyes Lifestyle Podcast network.