The Meeting

The Meeting, a Flashback Superstate Production

Kornelius Olsen, Producer

We all know someone that has a problem, and makes their damndest attempt at hiding it, to no avail. Our film intends to encapsulate that story.”

Rating: 63/100



  • Production company: Flashback Superstate
  • Directed by: Håkon Kvålo
  • Produced by: Kornelius Olsen (Me)
  • Camera by: Laila Rahmatallah
  • Sound by: Evan Lipscombe
  • Editing by Matt Tuson


The story takes place on a casual day for Ernst Peter (Johan Bounafa) he is dressed and ready to head out, puts in some headphones, and presses play on a nice tune for walking. on his way there he takes in a lot of the scenery, and is in a seemingly good head space.

Upon entering the bar he sees his friend James (Chris Burgess) and sits down with him, their conversation lasts for hours. James asks in a friendly way about Ernst’s son, to which Ernst deflects and gives no solid answer, before leaving to go somewhere he apparently had to be.

The truth however, while the interaction between the two men did take place, Ernst’s recollection of the story is very different to James’. Who sees his friend coming fumbling into the bar, clearly entoxicated, and seemingly in a bad plays. The questions remain the same, but Ernst in reality had nowhere he needed to be, he rushed off upset that his friend james was being helpful.